publisher Lantsuta

Long John Silver

Deep inside the unexplored lands of the Amazon, Lord Byron Hastings has discovered the city of Guiana-Capac and its fabulous wealth. In order to bring the treasure back to England, he sends the native Moxtechica, known as Moc, with a letter asking his wife, Lady Vivian Hastings, to fund a second expedition.

With child, Vivian knows that her husband will repudiate her – or worse – once he discovers her condition. She therefore convinces Dr Livesey to help her contact pirate Long John Silver and his brothers of the coast so that she can make a pact with them. All will board the Neptune with but a single goal: to seize the Incan treasure…

During the crossing, Silver triggers a mutiny and takes over the ship. Sailors and pirates are now free, but completely lost as they approach the mysterious shores that herald it at last … the New World.

  • Long John Silver