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In this section you can familiarize yourself with all the new products,

the releases of which are planned for early 2022. 

Long John Silver

Long John Silver

Deep inside the unexplored lands of the Amazon, Lord Byron Hastings has discovered the city of Guiana-Capac and its fabulous wealth. In order to bring the treasure back to England, he sends the native Moxtechica, known as Moc, with a letter asking his wife, Lady Vivian Hastings, to fund a second expedition.

With child, Vivian knows that her husband will repudiate her – or worse – once he discovers her condition. She therefore convinces Dr Livesey to help her contact pirate Long John Silver and his brothers of the coast so that she can make a pact with them. All will board the Neptune with but a single goal: to seize the Incan treasure…

During the crossing, Silver triggers a mutiny and takes over the ship. Sailors and pirates are now free, but completely lost as they approach the mysterious shores that herald it at last … the New World.

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